Leave of Absence Request


Requesting a leave of absence can be a daunting task, but with proper planning and clear communication, it can be a smooth process.

What’s included:

  • Company guidelines review
  • State/City law review
  • LOA Checklist for proper handoff and accountability
  • Letter to Human Resources/Manager/C-Suite/ BOD
  • Language/Letter to immediate team/wider team
  • Requested tone/mood: formal, casual


Kindly be advised that upon completion of your purchase, a brief questionnaire will appear requesting additional details to finalize your order. Please be aware that your prompt delivery of the completed questionnaire will directly influence the timeline of the final project.

The projected completion date for your project is within five to seven business days


Requesting a leave of absence from your job can be a crucial decision, as it requires careful planning and consideration both at home and at work. Prior to even approaching your employer, let’s discuss how to approach your employer based on your company policy and city/state laws.