Performance Review Request & Preparation


We’d draft you a request to begin the performance review, prepare you for the conversations that will soon follow, and prepare you for possible outcomes.

What’s included:

  • A strong well written letter of intent and desired outcome
  • Preparation call the day/week to ensure optimum energy levels and mental clarity
  • Requested tone/mood: grateful, friendly, direct, formal, casual


Kindly be advised that upon completion of your purchase, a brief questionnaire will appear requesting additional details to finalize your order. Please be aware that your prompt delivery of the completed questionnaire will directly influence the timeline of the final project.

The projected completion date for your project is within five business days.


As an employee, requesting a performance review can be a proactive step in improving your professional growth and development. This will not only help you have a clear understanding of your own performance but will also enable you to have a productive and meaningful discussion during the review.

Additionally, it is important to prepare any questions or concerns you may have about your job or areas where you would like to enhance your skills. By actively participating in the review process, you can gain valuable insights, set realistic goals, and establish a roadmap for your future success within the organization.